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Ryan Farr

Corporate Responsibility Association

Corporate Responsibility Association is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization dedicated to furthering better corporate social responsibiliy through the passage of CR Rankings as a federal law.

The organization is led by Ryan Farr in New York, NY. While also working as a math, science, and English instructor, Ryan has spent the last five years developing the CR Rankings system, largely out of his passion for better corporate responsibility and his frustration with the alternative options for getting there.

Food waste

Ryan Farr

Corporate Responsibility Association

Along the way, however, the CRA community has grown and benefited from many crucial contributing members to the project:

Video Animation


Video Score Composition

David Stone Hamilton

Video Cast

Lisa Marshall
Soni Singh
David Sommers
Alicia Patten

Web Programming

Eric Farr

Editorial Review

Jason Farr
Erin Bradley
Margaret Marshall
Thanan Lilaonitkul
Amanda Gilbert
Oliver Mathis
Greg Henry
Han Cao
Lindsay Meck
Stuart Ralston
Theresa-Marie Russo
Katherine Brodbeck
Jamie Lee-Mars
Anne Kassam
Chris Chamberlin
Tim Cameron
Rachel Tavel

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